Red Dead: Redemption – Update the Werewolf Reward Task

Although his real name is unknown, he is known as a werewolf and wanted for a series of horrible murders because of his isolation from human society and brutal seclusion. This is a warning to those who want to hunt down the savage tramp: he is believed to have retreated to the snowy hills near Lake Isabella, where large carnivores such as bears and wolves are everywhere. Carnivorous bait is strongly recommended.

After completing the legendary reward task for a period of time, it will re-appear on the reward bulletin board with higher difficulty. The number of stars on the poster represents the difficulty level. When confronting werewolves with four or five star difficulty, they must be captured alive to receive a reward.

A bounty hunter with a bounty hunter’s certificate will be rewarded with the exclusive red fur-lined Strenhorn boots for completing the werewolf legend reward task at any difficulty. You can receive the boots in the wardrobe within 48 hours of completing the task.

This week, collectors have a valuable new list of weekly collections, including the St. Dennis collection series, including cognac brandy, bijouri diamond rings and Boschina ruby earrings. As of September 30, all items were found and handed over to Mrs. Nazar or mailed through the post office. If you want to hone your shooting skills, please join this week’s Elimination Series (Free Aiming), which is designed to challenge and reward the most experienced shooters in the West. Please pay attention to the “online” menu every week to check out the latest free-targeting series of competitive competitions.

Wheeler Lawson’s catalogue expanded its product range this week, introducing a large number of different new clothes. Players looking for new hats can watch out for soft felt hats, Hurley hats, Ledbert hats and Bartley hats. The new Ferntes blouses and Kilimanjackets offer unparalleled luxury and fashion, while Holman trousers are all very practical and durable.

Chaftin and Olmer shirts are perfect new clothes for all men’s wardrobes, while border ladies may be interested in fashionable Halta and Winfred blouses and brand new leather Hadley skirts. A new pair of sturdy Lutford boots can survive even the toughest journey. The fur-lined and laced Strayhorn boots are perfect shoes for climbing snow-covered peaks and valleys in five states. If you wear an Ingrid scarf or a new design of a classic neckband mask, you’ll catch the eye of others.

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint : Pass will be added

Weeks before the release of Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint , Ubisoft announced plans to update the game after it was released. The first year updates will start with the launch of Operation Greenstone and will be followed by chapters II and III, which will be launched every four months. Each chapter will contain new adventure stories, new final game content (raids and updates), factional tasks, PVP, and regular updates for hours of new content and support.

The first chapter is called Operation Greenstone. Bring a new final game content: “Titan Plan” copy. Players will explore an active volcano on an entirely new island in the Aurora Islands and use all the techniques learned on the island to meet the four-person collaborative challenge. Assault repeats play and supports any play style

During operation greenstone, a new professional “engineer” who is good at hacker technology will be launched, and can play in major battles and PVP.

Chapter II is expected to start in February 2020 and continue until May 2020. This is a new adventure called Deep Organization. It will continue the story of ” Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint ” and add more than five hours of game time. Copies of the Titan Plan in Chapter 1 will also be updated in some form. Chapter 2 will also include a new event, an unlockable profession, more factional missions and further ghost warfare updates.

Chapter 3 adds new stories, brings new raids, and unlocks a third new career. The third chapter will be launched from June to September.

Ubisoft said that more specific information about Chapters II and III would be unlocked as the release of the game approached.

At the same time, Ubisoft will also introduce Battle Rewards, which is similar to passes. Players can get points unlocked in ghost wars or factional missions, but the number of points they can get per day has a ceiling, that is to say, they must continue to play to get higher-level rewards. Players can buy point increments and unlock rewards more quickly.

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint is a military shooting game set in a diverse and hostile open world, and fully supports single or up to four players to play together. Players will explore the most advanced technology facilities and wild natural environment coexist in the mysterious island “Aurora Island”.

Gears 5 : game play introduction including five details modes

Gears 5 continues the plot of the previous work as well as the refreshing shooting feel, this work contains a variety of game modes, the plot battle is more grand than the previous one. Next, we will bring the Gears 5 full collection of campaign flow chart text strategy, to help you smooth customs clearance.

After entering the game, it will directly enter the teaching level. Before the beginning of the level, there will be preference settings such as guided pictures, followed by prompts and their own needs. The bloody effect of the last settings can be turned on or off according to their own affordability. After all, the scale of the picture of Gears 5 is large.

After entering the boot camp, we will learn the most basic operation here. Players who have not been exposed to the series can familiarize themselves with the operation mode of Gears game. If they are old players, they can familiarize themselves with the new content of the series. After each mode training is completed, they can engage in battles, battles, protracted battles and evacuation modes. After the training, we enter the main menu. Here we introduce the game mode and the interface of this work.

Gaming Mode

  • Campaign Mode – Experience the content after “Gears 4”. If you haven’t played previous works and didn’t care about them, choose “Others” in the main menu interface to learn about the previous works by watching the current situation of the GEARS world (review of the plots of the 1st and 3rd generation works) and “review of the past history of GEARS (review of the plots of the 4th generation works)”, so as to enable new players to understand the previous works. Good contact with the plot, can also let the old players recall the story before.
  • Battle mode – Together with other players, engage in online combat in the intense “Gears game” battle mode. Pass-through challenge mode has brought a new way of game, in which each character has a unique initial equipment and upgrade project. And the war of endurance enlargement raises the game competitiveness of gears to a new level. The new ranking system will continue to provide incentives every week. In addition, there are more maps, game modes and rewards waiting for you! The combat mode is divided into five categories: Pass-through Challenge Competition, Expansion of War, Quick Play Mode, Ranking Mode and Hall Custom Game. It is recommended that novices take the Quick Play Mode first, while the players who have mastered the game skillfully play in Ranking Mode.
  • Evacuation mode – In evacuation mode, a new three-player cooperative survival mode, you will challenge the fleeing of the deadly Honeycomb. Each honeycomb destroyer is equipped with unique capabilities and equipment. Destroy the honeycomb from inside, evacuate quickly and escape to the sky. Evacuation mode is a three-person team, if you can call two friends together is the best, if you do not have a person on the network to match is also possible. Officials regularly release new hives. Each hive has different evacuation difficulty. There are also rankings to prove the level of players. The rankings are sorted according to difficulty and completion time, and the front players can get special rewards.
  • Protracted war Mode – In this five-player cooperative game, you need to fight for survival in front of the tide-like enemy. This time, you will play a heroic role, each of which has unique skills. Choose the characters that suit your game style and put them into the game. Explore maps, seize assembly machines, build defensive fortifications and make full use of each capability. You must work together, support each other, and kill everything that moves. How long can you survive? The prolonged battle has added new enemies. We need to constantly upgrade our role and buy defensive fortifications to win the battle (victory requires defending 50-wave enemies). Similarly, this model also has a ranking list. The higher the ranking is, the richer the reward is.
  • Map Maker Mode – Make your own beehive and share it with friends and communities. Map Maker allows all players to create their own experience in a quick and simple way. How thrilling would it be to fight five wardens at a time? Now try it. Make the honeycomb look like you like and publish it to the cloud for the whole community to play with your honeycomb. Search through the community map browser to find the best and most popular hive. Specific production methods can be seen in the game instructions, not introduced here, predicted that this mode will be the main mode of the game can continue to heat up in the future.

Astral Chain : game play Experience of Twin-role System and Exploration Model

It is believed that many players will be attracted by their gorgeous and handsome fighting action scenes when they see “Astral Chain”. This SWITCH exclusive game is supervised by the famous Shengu Yingshu, directed by Tianpu Guijiu, the chief designer of Neil Machinery Era, ZETMAN and I’S author Gui Zhenghe, and developed by the platinum studio known for action games. Under the luxurious production team, “Astral Chain” also shows excellent quality. Platinum, as always, has excellent movement feel, unique operation experience derived from the chain, and rich exploration content. Players can maintain a full sense of excitement in both the main process and the battle.

” Astral Chain” has a strong Japanese animation and feature style. Platinum studio players familiar with this work can see the shadow of game such as Angel Hunting, Neil, Magic 101, the rise of MGS revenge. It can be said that ” Astral Chain” is a game with a strong sense of vision, but it still has its own unique features. Especially, I was impressed by the ingenious way of manipulating the combat system of the two characters at the same time, which also embodied the platinum studio’s superb accomplishments in action games.

In the game, players can choose one of the male and female twins to play the leading role, while the other will play an important supporting role in the game. There will be a lot of scenes, including the complete plot, dubbing, rich expressions, body movements and so on. Unfortunately, the protagonists are not treated so well. Like many games, they are still dumb and indifferent in the whole process. In the case of a large number of close-ups, this is very abrupt, affecting the overall perspective.

Dual-role play

“Rakeen” is the signboard feature of this work, which can be called the core content in the plot process and the play system. Many veteran players may think of a 3-D action game called Chaotic Legion in Capcom, both of which can call on their subordinates to fight, and “Reggin” is the transliteration of the word “Legion” in the Legion, which is easy for players to associate with. However, the difference between the two games is still very large, and compared with the “Chaos Legion” by technical constraints, some advanced ideas can not be perfectly realized at that time, the performance of ” Astral Chain” in all aspects are much more mature and sophisticated.

Although the dual-control role is a relatively new or unfamiliar mode of operation for most players, the game allows most players to learn and master the overall operation of the game in a short time through careful tutorials and simple, easy-to-remember key layout. In addition, the game presupposes four modes of operation, players can adjust by their keystroke habits.

” Astral Chain” operation keys are not difficult to grasp, platinum for the key placement is also very exquisite, basically in line with the majority of players’ operating habits and intuitive reactions. Most of the actions in the game, such as attack, avoidance, call, etc., are basically bound to a single key. Individual combination keys can be accomplished by ZL + RL or by pressing ZL + to push the rocker, thus abandoning the tradition that some action games have complex keys and are difficult to get started. When the player knows the operating system well, the battle will also change from looking at the fancy and playing inexplicably at the beginning to purposeful, pleasant and playful.

On the right side of the screen, button prompts often appear, and prompt response will be made according to the player’s buttons. For example, when the ZL key is pressed, the corresponding color block turns blue to indicate that the key is correct. For complex action games, this is a very human function.

In the game, Rakeen’s attack is basically automatic, but this does not mean that the game’s battle lacks fun or challenge. The playing time of “Reggin” will be limited, but players can maintain the call by means of continuous recruitment. How to maintain the “Reggin” battle in the hands of high-level players reflects the operational skills, while the “Reggin” itself has a faster charging time, and the “Ray” can also make the “Thunder” in the hands of ordinary players through repeated calls. Keane maintained a high presence in combat. Seemingly ordinary system, but platinum has a certain degree of grasp, master can play a thorough and vivid, novice can fully experience the core content of the game, such a concept throughout the game.

Secondly, there are five forms of “Reggin” in the process, each with its own characteristics and methods. For example, a chopping system can be used to chop off chains between enemies or even break down attacks like a fruit ninja, while a bow-shaped “Regene” is good at long-range attacks and has the same attack effect as an arrow shower. Its shooting system is mainly used to target enemies in the air and “wrist” shaped. The state of “Reggin” allows players to carry it, with a strong company to smash the enemy and so on. The characteristics and intrinsic derivative play of “Rakeen” are actually quite abundant.

The third point is the magic use of the chain. The chain in the game is not only the role of binding and connecting “Reggin”. Through the player’s coordinated movement of the protagonist and “Reggine”, it can get more help in control, displacement and other aspects.

For example, players can manipulate “Reynolds” and the protagonist to stretch the chain and surround the enemy, so that the enemy will be “chained” for a short time to be controlled in situ can not move, this trick is effective for BOSS and small monsters, and can also circle the plural enemies around the column at the same time, so that players can stab the back to improve damage. “Chain binding” seems simple, but how to coordinate the trajectory of the protagonist and “Reggine” and judge the enemy’s course of action for positioning are very test players’operational level, and this method of play is very interesting, through the use of slow camera and feature successfully lock the enemy can also bring great achievements. And pleasure.

Players can also use the “chain jump” to spray the protagonist quickly to the far side of “Regene”, which can be used by players to avoid a wide range of enemy attacks; they can also connect it to the attack, complete a series of chases through rapid displacement, enhance the coherence and ornamentation of the battle, which is quite a test. Test player’s reaction ability and skill.

The fourth point is synchronization attack. The protagonist will trigger blue light in several specific actions and press the button to call “Rakeen”, which will cause synchronization attack with higher damage and special action. Similar mechanisms are often seen in games such as Dreamstar OL2. This is a relatively important means of injury in the game, the timing of the keys is also very good to grasp, in addition to triggering perfect avoidance or the body can be synchronized attack to counter, further enhance the coherence and operability of the battle.

After the enemy’s residual blood, the player can use the corresponding button to make the termination technique to kill directly, and kill the enemy with the termination technique can restore the protagonist’s blood volume. More reasonable and skillful use of these mechanisms to make the process experience smoother.

Pokemon Sword/Shield – Switch News

Recently, Pokemon Sword/Shield, which will be released on November 15, 2019, participated in the E3 2019 Game Exhibition. In an interview with famitsu, the producers of this game, Shunyi Zenda and Omori, also talked about the issue of “dating” of Baokedream. Let’s get to know it together.

In this year’s E3 Nintendo Treehouse live broadcasting campaign, Shunyi Zengtian made it clear that “Sword Shield” will not let all Baoke Dreams come on the stage, and there is no Baoke Dream in the eighth generation’s gallery, or even can not be passed down from the previous generation, not only that, all future works of “Baoke Dream” will follow this principle.

“After moving to NS platform, players can see more beautiful images and vivid pictures of Baoke Dream in the game, but on the other hand, it also takes more time for the team to develop it,” Zengtian Shunyi said in the interview.

“At present, the total number of new Dream variants has exceeded 1000. In addition to matching the platform hardware more in the quality of the game pictures, it is also difficult to activate the new personality Dream on the platform in terms of combat, and the balance adjustment in all aspects is also a difficult task. It’s for these reasons that it’s very difficult to get all the Pork Dreams on the stage in future games.

Another producer, Senzi, also said: “This work has been very difficult in the production of Elf’s Dream: Sun/Moon. I hope you can understand when you play Sword Shield that the field area and plot of the work are very playable.”

For those who did not appear in the Galilean region, whether the dream of Baoke will be added in future updates, Shunyi Tada also responded: “Now we have not considered the issue of updating the game in the future, but we consider using’Pokemon Home’to make them appear in future works.”

ARK: Survival Evolved – Switch Reviews

Ark: Survival Evolution is a survival sandbox action role-playing game produced by Wildcard, an independent studio. The main story is about a group of people who wake up on mysterious beaches to explore the ancient open world for survival. Players need to cooperate / compete to get the necessities of life. Humans need hunting, harvesting, research technology, and even to build shelters based on dynamic weather changes (hot days, cold nights). Dangerous ancient animals can randomly emerge to threaten human survival.

In addition to human beings, dinosaurs are absolutely the leading role in the game, of course, there are also mammoths, extinct sharks resurrected, human beings are suffering from all aspects of threats from the sea, land and air. Players can use techniques to tame and ride dinosaurs and other primitive creatures. The game also has an RPG element where players can create their own characters, acquire items, skills and pets. And players can also form a tribe with hundreds of other players, and then win the tribal struggle, and ultimately discover the true purpose of the ark.

In December 2016, Snail Game announced the proxy “Ark: Survival Evolution” and renamed it “Ark: Survival Evolution Online”, which charges for props. The national uniform was officially launched on January 1, 2017.


Don’t use code to play this game. Cheating with code and so on is actually to destroy the experience of the game. It’s very pleasant at first. But in fact, when you experience everything in the game at a very fast speed, there’s no resistance at all. When you encounter difficulties, you use code, so it’s not far from you to think that the game is boring. I started to play a few stand-alone computers is like cheating code, I found that no matter how fun the game evaluation said, it will not take long to get tired, and then I never cheated on the stand-alone computer, encountered difficulties to find ways to solve, the harvest of the game experience is bare rod!

When I first started playing on the PS4 platform, PS4 could play with two people on separate screens. I started playing with my brother on the southern island. That was where the dream began. I trained one person, five double-backed dragons and three triangular dragons, thinking that the world was invincible. Then I rode a pair of Chlamys to lead a team, two people migrated inland, and then half way. When they met Raptors, crocodiles and toothless dragons, they were destroyed by the regiment. At that time, they were sad for the dragons they had worked hard to tame. They had to return to the island to continue their development. At that time, I didn’t know the resource point, the resource multiplier. When we had double the resources, two people would knock on stones to make iron. In one day, we would dig more than fifty pieces of metal in the ark. But when we made iron weapons, we were really happy. I remember the first time I tamed the pterosaur to heaven. I killed many turtles and finally got enough cuticle to make the saddle of the toothless pterosaur. My brother didn’t get enough. Then I got a thrill in front of him. Knight my pterosaur flew very high. Then I jumped down to open the parachute and jumped out to play. Then I fell to the ground and found my wing. The dragon is still in the sky, so I can’t call it any more. My brother is going to laugh like a fool. Anyway, it’s really a happy day to play with the ark during the winter vacation. Later, I started school and entered the PC version for the first time, but I haven’t found the feeling of playing at the beginning. However, it is true that I was born on that southern island. Every time the theme song of the ark sounds, my eyes are always wet unconsciously. I love the ark. In my heart, it is the greatest game.

Doom: Eternal – Non-traditional multiplayer mode main fight demon VS destroyer play method

In an interview with IGN, Marty Stratton, producer of “Doom: Eternal”, confirmed that there is no traditional multiplayer game mode in the book. The previously published “combat mode” is the main multiplayer game, in which two players play the devil and one player plays the fully armed warrior of destruction. A three-game, two-win battle.

Marty Stratton said they did a lot of more traditional things in the 2016 release of Doom 4, such as pure skill bombardment, but this is not the player’s favorite element of Warrior Destroyer, so it seems a bit mediocre. So the production team chose to overturn the original settings, and finally designed the “Devil VS Destroyer” in “Doom: Eternal”.

Stratton admits that they can’t find a way to avoid monotonous skill confrontation and introduce another Destruction Warrior. If two Destruction Warriors meet, the highly skilled will obviously have a greater advantage. If they join the Devil, players can adopt appropriate strategies and teamwork to combat destruction. Destroy the fighters, this is the shining point of the game.

” Doom: Eternal ” will be released on November 22 this year, landing on the PS4/Xbox One/PC/NS/Google Stadia platform.

SD Gundam G Generation: Cross Rays – Producer Interview

Thanks to Sony’s invitation, we had the privilege to interview the producer of “SD Gundam G Generation” at the Hong Kong Animation and Video Game Exhibition. In the course of this interview, Mr. Tomb introduced the issues of ability acquisition and difficulty balance in the game. The author collated the interview content and let’s work together. Let’s get to know.

In this interview, some reporters mentioned that the previous series SD Up to the G Century lacked balance in the late game, and lacked challenge in the late game. The producer responded that the game team prepared a difficult level for the players and would not be bored at the end of the game. In addition, this game contains four series of works of Golden Tall. According to different works, fighting will have different characteristics and challenges.

In the previous announcement, the official introduced the special enemy organism “ability holder” added in “SD Gundam G Generation: Cross Rays”, players can seize their abilities when they defeat these special enemies. According to the producer, these “ability holders” will have different operational difficulties and their abilities will be different; in addition, there will be hidden enemies in some checkpoints, they will have random abilities, in order to obtain all the abilities, the players will have to work hard.

There are media sighs on the scene, the ability to collect players with obsessive-compulsive disorder will be very hard, the producer also laughed after hearing that he himself is also “obsessive-compulsive disorder”, so the pain and joy of this is also quite understood.

Need for Speed´╝ÜHeat – New control without open-box, night bonus

The first announcement of Need for speed heat has been officially made public, and developers from Ghost Games posted on the Reddit forum, bringing us more game details, but also promising that the game will not include an open-box system, while the game will also have a new control system.

According to the introduction, the background of the game is set in Palm City, which will alternate day and night. Players will have more freedom in the evening, so they will have higher risks, so they can get more rewards. It’s entirely your freedom to choose when to start. After sunset, you can drive straight to the garage and spend the night quietly.

During the day, players can play in Speedhunters Showdown to earn money, and when the sun goes down, the heat gradually increases.

The police in Palm City have different levels of aggression when they patrol, which also changes according to time. During the day, the police appear more casually. Although they are still threatening, as long as you do not commit any crime in autumn, everyone can be at peace.

In the evening, the pursuit of the police will become more violent. An action team led by officer Mercer can chase you without any reason, and you will gradually deal with Mercer’s team in the course of the game.

All the customized items in Heat can be unlocked during the game and during the game activities. For example, if you win Street games on the map, you can get performance accessories. You don’t need to open the box to get bonus cards as in Revenge.

Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth Hacker’s Memory [PC Reviews]

Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth Hacker’s Memory is a role-playing game produced and released by Namco Bandai. The story of this game still takes place in the world of Detective Cyber, but the story line tells another side of the series. The protagonist’s temporary name is “Keisuke Amazawa”, and he is inexplicably involved in the world of hackers in a criminal case.


As a single game work, it is undoubtedly excellent and fascinating, but as a sequel to Detective Cyber, it is slightly inadequate. As an extended documentary with the same amount of content, lack of innovation and duplication of work are all shortcomings of the United States. Nevertheless, it’s worth applauding and playing again when we review the touches brought by digital baby after two years.

Surely not, but it should be the best one in the digital baby game. It’s better than peeing next door. At the same time, there is P5.

By contrast, P5 is actually a variant of Digital Baby. Negotiation is scanning, integration is evolution, and skills. By contrast, we can find out what digital baby is missing in the end. P5 two things are extremely scarce, real time, SP in the maze, the same kind of Baoke dream will feel blood shortage. But it won’t happen in digital babies, so you won’t be careful, and you won’t have a strong sense of engagement. Then there is the labyrinth, the degree of fineness can not be compared, can not change the perspective is better than the horizontal version. In the real world, it’s a little bigger than the previous one, but it’s still two blocks back and forth. Sometimes I really don’t want to go any more. The only motivation to play is the whole picture, but in the process of brushing the picture, ugly people don’t want to use it. Evolution paladin’s motivation is better than Evolution 7. Classic IP is almost worn down, so that there is no joy after evolution. Bao Kemeng has never seen this in every dream. It seems very strong, but digital baby does not feel this way. Back and forth on so many, dyed a thing really cold my three-death loyal fans heart. At the beginning, after the sun and moon, the model was still very novel. Farms, quality, new digital treasures of the sun and moon, now playing P5, I want to see people with similar themes. The shortcomings of Tucao for a long time, talk about the advantages, join the war chess, a lot of fun, the characters set a slight progress. If we can add the ancient digital beast system, it will be perfect. Real Level 3 stars to 4 stars, feelings 5 stars, you continue to squeeze, sooner or later turn to treasure dream!