Ark: Survival Evolution is a survival sandbox action role-playing game produced by Wildcard, an independent studio. The main story is about a group of people who wake up on mysterious beaches to explore the ancient open world for survival. Players need to cooperate / compete to get the necessities of life. Humans need hunting, harvesting, research technology, and even to build shelters based on dynamic weather changes (hot days, cold nights). Dangerous ancient animals can randomly emerge to threaten human survival.

In addition to human beings, dinosaurs are absolutely the leading role in the game, of course, there are also mammoths, extinct sharks resurrected, human beings are suffering from all aspects of threats from the sea, land and air. Players can use techniques to tame and ride dinosaurs and other primitive creatures. The game also has an RPG element where players can create their own characters, acquire items, skills and pets. And players can also form a tribe with hundreds of other players, and then win the tribal struggle, and ultimately discover the true purpose of the ark.

In December 2016, Snail Game announced the proxy “Ark: Survival Evolution” and renamed it “Ark: Survival Evolution Online”, which charges for props. The national uniform was officially launched on January 1, 2017.


Don’t use code to play this game. Cheating with code and so on is actually to destroy the experience of the game. It’s very pleasant at first. But in fact, when you experience everything in the game at a very fast speed, there’s no resistance at all. When you encounter difficulties, you use code, so it’s not far from you to think that the game is boring. I started to play a few stand-alone computers is like cheating code, I found that no matter how fun the game evaluation said, it will not take long to get tired, and then I never cheated on the stand-alone computer, encountered difficulties to find ways to solve, the harvest of the game experience is bare rod!

When I first started playing on the PS4 platform, PS4 could play with two people on separate screens. I started playing with my brother on the southern island. That was where the dream began. I trained one person, five double-backed dragons and three triangular dragons, thinking that the world was invincible. Then I rode a pair of Chlamys to lead a team, two people migrated inland, and then half way. When they met Raptors, crocodiles and toothless dragons, they were destroyed by the regiment. At that time, they were sad for the dragons they had worked hard to tame. They had to return to the island to continue their development. At that time, I didn’t know the resource point, the resource multiplier. When we had double the resources, two people would knock on stones to make iron. In one day, we would dig more than fifty pieces of metal in the ark. But when we made iron weapons, we were really happy. I remember the first time I tamed the pterosaur to heaven. I killed many turtles and finally got enough cuticle to make the saddle of the toothless pterosaur. My brother didn’t get enough. Then I got a thrill in front of him. Knight my pterosaur flew very high. Then I jumped down to open the parachute and jumped out to play. Then I fell to the ground and found my wing. The dragon is still in the sky, so I can’t call it any more. My brother is going to laugh like a fool. Anyway, it’s really a happy day to play with the ark during the winter vacation. Later, I started school and entered the PC version for the first time, but I haven’t found the feeling of playing at the beginning. However, it is true that I was born on that southern island. Every time the theme song of the ark sounds, my eyes are always wet unconsciously. I love the ark. In my heart, it is the greatest game.