It is believed that many players will be attracted by their gorgeous and handsome fighting action scenes when they see “Astral Chain”. This SWITCH exclusive game is supervised by the famous Shengu Yingshu, directed by Tianpu Guijiu, the chief designer of Neil Machinery Era, ZETMAN and I’S author Gui Zhenghe, and developed by the platinum studio known for action games. Under the luxurious production team, “Astral Chain” also shows excellent quality. Platinum, as always, has excellent movement feel, unique operation experience derived from the chain, and rich exploration content. Players can maintain a full sense of excitement in both the main process and the battle.

” Astral Chain” has a strong Japanese animation and feature style. Platinum studio players familiar with this work can see the shadow of game such as Angel Hunting, Neil, Magic 101, the rise of MGS revenge. It can be said that ” Astral Chain” is a game with a strong sense of vision, but it still has its own unique features. Especially, I was impressed by the ingenious way of manipulating the combat system of the two characters at the same time, which also embodied the platinum studio’s superb accomplishments in action games.

In the game, players can choose one of the male and female twins to play the leading role, while the other will play an important supporting role in the game. There will be a lot of scenes, including the complete plot, dubbing, rich expressions, body movements and so on. Unfortunately, the protagonists are not treated so well. Like many games, they are still dumb and indifferent in the whole process. In the case of a large number of close-ups, this is very abrupt, affecting the overall perspective.

Dual-role play

“Rakeen” is the signboard feature of this work, which can be called the core content in the plot process and the play system. Many veteran players may think of a 3-D action game called Chaotic Legion in Capcom, both of which can call on their subordinates to fight, and “Reggin” is the transliteration of the word “Legion” in the Legion, which is easy for players to associate with. However, the difference between the two games is still very large, and compared with the “Chaos Legion” by technical constraints, some advanced ideas can not be perfectly realized at that time, the performance of ” Astral Chain” in all aspects are much more mature and sophisticated.

Although the dual-control role is a relatively new or unfamiliar mode of operation for most players, the game allows most players to learn and master the overall operation of the game in a short time through careful tutorials and simple, easy-to-remember key layout. In addition, the game presupposes four modes of operation, players can adjust by their keystroke habits.

” Astral Chain” operation keys are not difficult to grasp, platinum for the key placement is also very exquisite, basically in line with the majority of players’ operating habits and intuitive reactions. Most of the actions in the game, such as attack, avoidance, call, etc., are basically bound to a single key. Individual combination keys can be accomplished by ZL + RL or by pressing ZL + to push the rocker, thus abandoning the tradition that some action games have complex keys and are difficult to get started. When the player knows the operating system well, the battle will also change from looking at the fancy and playing inexplicably at the beginning to purposeful, pleasant and playful.

On the right side of the screen, button prompts often appear, and prompt response will be made according to the player’s buttons. For example, when the ZL key is pressed, the corresponding color block turns blue to indicate that the key is correct. For complex action games, this is a very human function.

In the game, Rakeen’s attack is basically automatic, but this does not mean that the game’s battle lacks fun or challenge. The playing time of “Reggin” will be limited, but players can maintain the call by means of continuous recruitment. How to maintain the “Reggin” battle in the hands of high-level players reflects the operational skills, while the “Reggin” itself has a faster charging time, and the “Ray” can also make the “Thunder” in the hands of ordinary players through repeated calls. Keane maintained a high presence in combat. Seemingly ordinary system, but platinum has a certain degree of grasp, master can play a thorough and vivid, novice can fully experience the core content of the game, such a concept throughout the game.

Secondly, there are five forms of “Reggin” in the process, each with its own characteristics and methods. For example, a chopping system can be used to chop off chains between enemies or even break down attacks like a fruit ninja, while a bow-shaped “Regene” is good at long-range attacks and has the same attack effect as an arrow shower. Its shooting system is mainly used to target enemies in the air and “wrist” shaped. The state of “Reggin” allows players to carry it, with a strong company to smash the enemy and so on. The characteristics and intrinsic derivative play of “Rakeen” are actually quite abundant.

The third point is the magic use of the chain. The chain in the game is not only the role of binding and connecting “Reggin”. Through the player’s coordinated movement of the protagonist and “Reggine”, it can get more help in control, displacement and other aspects.

For example, players can manipulate “Reynolds” and the protagonist to stretch the chain and surround the enemy, so that the enemy will be “chained” for a short time to be controlled in situ can not move, this trick is effective for BOSS and small monsters, and can also circle the plural enemies around the column at the same time, so that players can stab the back to improve damage. “Chain binding” seems simple, but how to coordinate the trajectory of the protagonist and “Reggine” and judge the enemy’s course of action for positioning are very test players’operational level, and this method of play is very interesting, through the use of slow camera and feature successfully lock the enemy can also bring great achievements. And pleasure.

Players can also use the “chain jump” to spray the protagonist quickly to the far side of “Regene”, which can be used by players to avoid a wide range of enemy attacks; they can also connect it to the attack, complete a series of chases through rapid displacement, enhance the coherence and ornamentation of the battle, which is quite a test. Test player’s reaction ability and skill.

The fourth point is synchronization attack. The protagonist will trigger blue light in several specific actions and press the button to call “Rakeen”, which will cause synchronization attack with higher damage and special action. Similar mechanisms are often seen in games such as Dreamstar OL2. This is a relatively important means of injury in the game, the timing of the keys is also very good to grasp, in addition to triggering perfect avoidance or the body can be synchronized attack to counter, further enhance the coherence and operability of the battle.

After the enemy’s residual blood, the player can use the corresponding button to make the termination technique to kill directly, and kill the enemy with the termination technique can restore the protagonist’s blood volume. More reasonable and skillful use of these mechanisms to make the process experience smoother.