Torchlight II XBOX one reviews

The Torchlights series, known as the orthodox successor of Diablo series, is expected by many players. The changes of TorchLights 2 over a generation are similar to the improvements made by Diablo 2 on Diablo. The game adds a new race, a new profession, a new NPC, a larger map, a larger picture and a […]

Black Desert PS4 reviews

Black Desert is a MMORPG game produced by PERAL ABYSS and distributed by DAUM. The game tells us that in this huge illusory world, several countries have waged a long-lasting war for a resource called “Blackstone”, which is a product of ancient civilization that can provide strange power. Players are the restless adventurers of the […]

Hunt: Showdown

” Hunt: Showdown ” is a first-person shooting game produced and released by Crytek. The game settings are very similar to “L4D”, where four different characters challenge a wave of zombies.The game enhances the playability of the game through the innovative automatic generation system and the randomly generated environment. In addition, this book also adds […]

Wolfenstein: Young Blood – PC Reviews

Wolfenstein: Young Blood is developed by Machine Games and released by Bethesda, the first person shooting game is one of the sequels to the German Headquarters series. Background of the story: The story begins in Paris in the 1980s, 19 years after The New Giant of German Headquarters 2. Players will play Jess and Sophie, […]

BEYOND:Two Souls PC Released

” BEYOND:Two Souls” is a PS3 exclusive psychological action thriller game, with film plot experience as its main feature. It was developed by Quantic Dream, the production team of the award-winning game “Rainstorm”, and performed by Hollywood superstars Ellen Page (Alan Page) and Willem Dafoe (William Dafoe). Players experience 15 years of Jodie Holmes, a […]