” BEYOND:Two Souls” is a PS3 exclusive psychological action thriller game, with film plot experience as its main feature. It was developed by Quantic Dream, the production team of the award-winning game “Rainstorm”, and performed by Hollywood superstars Ellen Page (Alan Page) and Willem Dafoe (William Dafoe). Players experience 15 years of Jodie Holmes, a young woman with superpowers because of her connection to an invisible creature. The action of this big movie, coupled with deep emotional expression, brings players a real personal journey, which can’t be predicted. Every player’s decision in the game will affect the outcome.


Strictly speaking, BEYOND:Two Souls, like Rainstorm, is not a game, but an interactive movie. For movies, the most important thing is the plot. Through different options, the characters make different decisions, some of which can even affect the next direction of the movie and even the plot. “Excellent Twins” makes the role’s emotional expression excellent through fine modeling, and the right background music and sound effects are integrated into it. But in the plot, the chaotic chapters to a certain extent affect the players’ understanding of the plot, while some chapters are actually slightly redundant. Compared with the company’s previous work Rainstorm, the plot in some sections of the bridge is slightly boring, gentle and easy to make people doze off. Besides, it is also a good work in interactive movies. This book recommends players who like non-linear narrative play.

The mediocre plot is supposed to be more exciting, but only disappointed. Nonlinear narration is a bold attempt, but it is meaningless. Part of the emotional feeling in the middle is like a forcibly inserted branch line, which has nothing to do with the main line. This is a failure, the perspective is very annoying, or the free perspective of strange life is comfortable. Playfulness only has boring QTE and tedious interaction, as well as no difficulty to infiltrate, ghost play settings is the only bright spot, in a word, the poor one in interactive movies.

Not every player likes interactive movie games, but if you like interactive movie games, you will definitely like it. The character’s expression and action are almost perfect, and the emotional aspects are well described. The game is still quite long. Breaking the time axis, not telling the whole story in chronological order, makes suspense and cause more interesting. Operational interaction of various items, occasional QTE and lockout angle of view are the characteristics of the game. Simple operation shocks the plot, excellent sensory experience, absolutely can not be missed!