The death knight in Fire Emblem: ThreeHouses is a challenge in the early stage, because in the classical mode, the character can not be revived after death, so every battle needs to be careful. See the following Classic playing guide, hoping to be useful to you.

First of all, this is the one-week eye-to-eye attack of the black eagle, which is not concave, does not need the “iron wall” strategy, does not kill people, does not gamble on crits and hits, and minimizes the fault tolerance rate. But I don’t need to use my own features, so it works for any line. Then this article is about the first three encounters with death knights, because at this time the characters of players in the difficult classics are generally a turn and two turns, even when I killed him for the first time, the whole team did not exceed 9 levels, there was no second turn.

Many friends must have taken the Dragon Shield carefully in the early stages of the game when they were playing with fire lines or echoes. The death knight in this fire pattern is much more difficult to fight than Dozhe, mainly because it can walk back and forth, ignore the distance, attack speed is quick and easy to double hit, and also has a critical strike rate of about 20-25. All of these challenges to the players in the early stage of the game. But the game itself gives us a new element, the “Knights” element. This element becomes our weapon against death knights. Using the Knight Regiment well, the three encounters with Death Knights in Game Academy are basically free experience and secret mage certificates.

Let’s start with the first encounter with Death Knight. When I first met him, the whole map was very large. The enemy could be divided into left and right sides, and each side could be divided into two parts. The Death Knight in the middle of the map will not move until you attack him.

But the difficulty lies in the death knight stepping on a 40-evasive floor. In this case, most of our attacks will be Miss. I want to bet that the tactics and weapons of riding a horse with Kerr will also be easy for Miss to be counter-killed. In addition, the Death Knight has special skills. It is not possible to push or draw him out of the floor with these skills. So how to lead him out of the floor, while ensuring that our T is immortal, is an important solution.

The first is pre-war preparation. Death Knight’s attack speed is 15, so our T needs to make the attack speed greater than 11 in order not to be hit by the second battle. We can improve the attack speed by equipping light weapons, such as training weapons. In this pass, we are going to use a small loophole in the terrain card + system (Death Knight will run a few steps in the moving phase after the attack). There are three T needed.

In addition, we need at least two milk guarantees that T will not die (I was Dorothy and Linhart, and I dug up Mercedes to help with the project). The Knights, all three T’s have a close-range attack strategy. Others can take it with them, such as group fire magic or shooting together.

Then when we are ready for three T’s whose attack speed is greater than 11, we enter the game. Firstly, fight normally and don’t provoke him. Clean up the enemy in the second half of the game and the three magicians who reinforce it. Magician, I forgot which turn came out. Anyway, before the 10th round, they were all killed by us. Otherwise, the remnant blood unit would be killed by the mage’s mending knife. Here is the most important step. Let’s look at the simplified version of the map. Death Knight stands on an evasive floor, but there are two walls in front of him. These two walls are the tools of our catastrophic position.