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The first step is to put the other teammates in the shadow area of the picture and let the three T trigger the strategy to improve the hit rate and damage. At the same time, those who have a long-range strategy can begin to throw out. But when the Death Knight begins to move, we will find that other teammates are in danger. Don’t be afraid. We’ll get him stuck right away. Then put the three T’s in the 1, 2 and 3 compartments beside the Death Knight, equipped with light weapons to ensure that the attack speed is greater than 11 (don’t forget), and then throw the strategy to the Death Knight. Because the plan will not be countered, our three T’s are standing beside him with blood. Looking at the dangerous area, it is found that the Death Knight can only attack your three T’s, and the range of movement can only go up, which is successful stuck.

The following is very simple. When the enemy turns, the Death Knight will attack your weakest defense T, then trigger “Move Again” and then run up. At that moment, the avoidance floor under his feet was empty. If he’s not critical, and you’re not dead, take the next step. Otherwise, go back to the beginning of the previous round with pulsation and jump over it immediately (pulsation does not change the critical strikes and Miss that have been determined in this round).

The next step is to fill your attacked T with milk, then look at the line of attack, and put the lowest defensive T in front of the Death Knight. At this point, the three T stands in a straight line, with the same wall on both sides can block the Death Knight, if your other characters do not wander around, he can attack your target in this round is limited to three T. So when he’s done, take him away in the next round, because there’s no floor under his feet. Kmar’s skills basically match the support of his good teammates, and the hit rate can reach a good value. Even if you don’t take it away, because three T’s stuck in his position, he can’t attack the teammates behind you. We can easily get the Death Knight to get the first Dark Master card.

Then it was the second time I met Death Knight. This time he was still standing on a special floor, although it is not harmful to say whether there is a floor or not at this stage, but how to successfully kill him also needs a little effort.

First of all, the goal is to destroy all the enemy soldiers or defeat the death knight. Some players chop down all the way, they chop off all the small soldiers, even if they keep the enemy, they will also come to fight you on their own initiative. So in order to avoid this, the production team intentionally placed an immobile “magic warrior” in the small room in the upper left corner of the map, ignoring him in the process of pushing your team forward to defeat the Death Knight.

The key point of this stage is how to lift the floor beneath his feet, which requires the use of the conveyor door maze on the right side. Let’s look at the map above. The labyrinth first requires a person to go in and open the switch A in the middle of the hall. Then all the portals in the right hall started. At this point, we need a person to go to the top of the map and turn on a switch B. This switch can relieve the special effect of the floor beneath Death Knight’s feet.

So how does this maze go? Look at the arrow on the map. The three portals above, the switch B on the left, the treasure box above the map in the middle and the treasure box below the map on the right. As long as we know this, we can open the treasure box and pull down the switch as quickly as possible in 25 rounds, and then easily defeat the Death Knight.

As for the Death Knight, it’s very good to deal with it. It only needs three people to stand on his left, right, right or left top, right top and right top to block him. The rest of the time will be left for players to use strategy first, and the last high-injury skill will be taken away.

The third death knight is a bit troublesome. We have to protect the villagers, open two treasure boxes, and deal with the death knight who invaded from the lower left of the map. But if the team configuration is better, we can achieve the task of surviving and killing the death knight. The key is that those violent villagers in the central forest do not kill, leaving small soldiers to repair knives, put one or two small nurses behind, to delay time, to ensure that small soldiers and your father do not rush to the center of the map in front of the heavy armour soldiers to die.

What we need in this battle is a T, a knight regiment with a firearm, and a knight regiment with a firearm, if it has a plan before (rush, fire, rubble and jungle all over the ground, and infantry is very uncomfortable) and a guard (let our HP greater than 2 people be killed only once, HP 1 point left) can also be brought with it. There are other remote strategies that you can take with you. In addition, my Linhart will be able to transmit at this time, other lines should also be learned to transmit, all used.

At this stage, we should have at least one or two flying units or cycling units. Let these people go to the left and right sides of the map to attract enemy hatred and kill the enemy attacking the villagers by the way. In fact, there is no one who can send you to the back of the house on the right side, so that you can rush down quickly to save the villagers. Knights move less when they pass through the jungle or fire. It doesn’t matter. We get off the horse and move again. Sometimes we go farther than riding through the fire. The rest of our troops began to move to the lower left of the map. Thomas in the middle doesn’t care. The enemy doesn’t attack him anyway.

When the game reaches a certain stage, Death Knight appears from the lower left of the map. At this time, we can see a terrain like this: as shown in the figure, there is a one-grid intersection at the left boundary of the map, and the treasure box under the map is on the right. Let’s have T stand in this position and wait for the Death Knight to rush over and hit him, then stand behind any friendly army. If the Death Knight crosses this intersection, we will have to resign ourselves to fate, either in a round of seconds, or seconds, but the seriously injured are repaired by his followers, or die.

After the end of the enemy round, our T threw a firearm at him (to make the floor burn up, to burn blood once in his turn). The units behind him threw a firearm at random to consume blood, kill the enemy units around them, or drop him in a second in a round. Of course I’m the most conservative player. Then he’ll be scalded on the floor, A your meat shield, and then use it to move back down the map again. At this time, we can rush together to solve him, basically even if not concave, experience reasonable allocation, at this time, there are very few characters that can be dropped by him in a second (except crit). You can settle him, take the Dark Master’s proof, and then happily resolve the remaining enemies in the middle of the map.