Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth Hacker’s Memory is a role-playing game produced and released by Namco Bandai. The story of this game still takes place in the world of Detective Cyber, but the story line tells another side of the series. The protagonist’s temporary name is “Keisuke Amazawa”, and he is inexplicably involved in the world of hackers in a criminal case.


As a single game work, it is undoubtedly excellent and fascinating, but as a sequel to Detective Cyber, it is slightly inadequate. As an extended documentary with the same amount of content, lack of innovation and duplication of work are all shortcomings of the United States. Nevertheless, it’s worth applauding and playing again when we review the touches brought by digital baby after two years.

Surely not, but it should be the best one in the digital baby game. It’s better than peeing next door. At the same time, there is P5.

By contrast, P5 is actually a variant of Digital Baby. Negotiation is scanning, integration is evolution, and skills. By contrast, we can find out what digital baby is missing in the end. P5 two things are extremely scarce, real time, SP in the maze, the same kind of Baoke dream will feel blood shortage. But it won’t happen in digital babies, so you won’t be careful, and you won’t have a strong sense of engagement. Then there is the labyrinth, the degree of fineness can not be compared, can not change the perspective is better than the horizontal version. In the real world, it’s a little bigger than the previous one, but it’s still two blocks back and forth. Sometimes I really don’t want to go any more. The only motivation to play is the whole picture, but in the process of brushing the picture, ugly people don’t want to use it. Evolution paladin’s motivation is better than Evolution 7. Classic IP is almost worn down, so that there is no joy after evolution. Bao Kemeng has never seen this in every dream. It seems very strong, but digital baby does not feel this way. Back and forth on so many, dyed a thing really cold my three-death loyal fans heart. At the beginning, after the sun and moon, the model was still very novel. Farms, quality, new digital treasures of the sun and moon, now playing P5, I want to see people with similar themes. The shortcomings of Tucao for a long time, talk about the advantages, join the war chess, a lot of fun, the characters set a slight progress. If we can add the ancient digital beast system, it will be perfect. Real Level 3 stars to 4 stars, feelings 5 stars, you continue to squeeze, sooner or later turn to treasure dream!