In an interview with IGN, Marty Stratton, producer of “Doom: Eternal”, confirmed that there is no traditional multiplayer game mode in the book. The previously published “combat mode” is the main multiplayer game, in which two players play the devil and one player plays the fully armed warrior of destruction. A three-game, two-win battle.

Marty Stratton said they did a lot of more traditional things in the 2016 release of Doom 4, such as pure skill bombardment, but this is not the player’s favorite element of Warrior Destroyer, so it seems a bit mediocre. So the production team chose to overturn the original settings, and finally designed the “Devil VS Destroyer” in “Doom: Eternal”.

Stratton admits that they can’t find a way to avoid monotonous skill confrontation and introduce another Destruction Warrior. If two Destruction Warriors meet, the highly skilled will obviously have a greater advantage. If they join the Devil, players can adopt appropriate strategies and teamwork to combat destruction. Destroy the fighters, this is the shining point of the game.

” Doom: Eternal ” will be released on November 22 this year, landing on the PS4/Xbox One/PC/NS/Google Stadia platform.