Fire Emblem: ThreeHouses is a new series of “Flame Emblem” published by Nintendo. This is a turn-based tactical RPG. Players will take risks with three protagonists, Edelgard, Dimitri and Claude.


Sneak a day in advance, arrive this morning, and then play until 2 a.m. at noon. The game is really gameplay, super many lines, many characters, but each character is well portrayed. At first, I thought 200 hours was a little exaggerated, but in fact, after hand, I found that it is true. All three countries have completed their estimates. Almost, and in every game schedule there will be similar to P5 to see how other players spend their day, fighting, teaching or picking up girls or men. In fact, the flag type game will produce a little tired after playing for a long time, but the fire pattern is not, because BGM has made a great contribution, and finally has to admire the glorious level of modeling…
However, the game is not very good in handheld mode, and the picture is blurred when fighting. If you don’t care about the pictures, the fire pattern is really a good choice.

From the fiery sword into the pit, later filled the seal sword, Jihad genealogy and 776, and then to the goddess of Cangyan and Xiaozhi. The reconstructed pie of DS era, the awakening, IF, echo of 3D S era, and the present snowflakes and snows. The difficulty is getting lower and lower (e.g. the easy mode added later and the weapon not wasting), but these are inevitable, because fewer and fewer players like the core of the flag class. Now people prefer the fast-paced one. The flag stays the same for thirty or forty minutes or even an hour. A mistake leads to their own key. Who can stand the death of a character? Now we need to expand the user base to make it easier for new players to accept and start.

New entrants first play easy + simple, classic + difficult to experience the real fire lines.

About the college nurturing system in the first half of the snowy month, before going on the shelf, I had the objection. Let’s play a good flag, what’s the fussy thing about it? However, when goose cards are brought to hand, ZhenTM fragrance (q… Q) can freely let your students practice the professions you want to practice by digging beautiful girls into their own grades, blooming roles and skills, as well as being good at and not good at them. At this stage, it is more familiar with the various systems in the game that have expanded their lineup (digging corners). It’s interesting when you fully understand the gameplay.

Each student and the teacher in the college have different personalities (lust 2333). I’ll write to you and invite people who want to increase their liking to tea parties, gifts, fishing, flower planting, and welfare fights (wait, I’m playing like a flag??). Completely addicted to nurturing can not extricate themselves 2333. As the story progresses, each grade has its own dark side and conspiracy, which deeply depicts the distinct characteristics of the role.

Generally speaking, this is a friendly game for beginners, and old players will pay for it voluntarily. Between the fact that some players don’t like flag games, I want to say that you can’t like them, but please don’t hurt them.