Friday the 13th: The Game is an action game adapted from a classic horror movie of the same name. This work uses the illusory 4 engine, striving to create high-quality multiplayer online games. In the game, one user will play Jason and the other seven will play Youth, a bit like Evolution’s user-versus-beast model.


When a game with great potential matches with a foreigner chatting, it makes a comparison with the Dawn Killer. It’s essentially a better game than Dawn Kill. (For humans, Jason hasn’t played yet) This game is a lot of money and fun for humans (a friend and sister drive in the dark every time and get caught by Jason, everyone is hahahaha haha haha). There are more choices. You can call the police and drive (I only play these two kinds of pull-out methods at present). 。 You can fight Jason head-on in times of crisis. This game is actually better than the Dawn Killer. It’s obvious when you play it. However, it is not recommended to enter now. At present, there are countless bugs in the game. The first one is to go to a bunch of targets to get arrows. I can’t go up from the front. I must go up the stairs from the back, and I can’t go down the same way. (The second game did not encounter this bug, but the weapon has been taken by my teammates, maybe for this reason.) The character’s expression is very stiff, especially by Jay. After Sen was frightened, the grinning man made people… Hold your belly. Contents that have shrunk sharply compared with expected commitments. And a very important point, the potato server. Server is very unstable, I personally play without problems, but there are friends or matched people in the game say a word is not right and drop the line. There is also a long matching time, about 5 minutes before a game can be queued to a game (Sichuan server). Don’t forget that the potato server is one of the important factors to kill the glory of war. Last night, the server was blown up and locked, and everyone can’t connect. Looking back at the development process of this game, players who have some knowledge of single-player games may immediately think of no one’s pit. On Friday, the 13th, although not digging that large pit, it was obvious that his pit had not been filled, let alone shrinkage. The game now looks more like an easy Access version of a good game than a full release. If he fixes bugs, perfects patterns and maps, and laughs, he can become a very interesting game. If he fixes Zhe’s stuff, 112’s price is overvalued, but he’s not going to happen now, so he calls it a game with great potential. For the moment, the game is seriously empty. I personally suggest that the old birds and new birds of the travelers continue to watch and stay away for the time being. It is certainly not worth entering now. I am one of them.

A half-finished game that slowly takes off and doesn’t know how to rush. Talking about this game, we have to say Dawn Kill. Although there are many differences between the two games, the core play method is not very different. The two games based on this play method are almost simultaneous, but in fact the online time, dawn is much earlier than Friday, plus. Dawn is very popular in China. Friday has lagged behind dawn. Although it has been launched recently, its completion is far less than dawn, and there is no Chinese. In China, with the completion of today’s Friday, I don’t think it can reach the popularity of dawn. Obviously more attention is paid to the Chinese market. Although Friday promised to join the single model, I still don’t think much of it in the future. With the attention paid to domestic players by Dawn Killer, who said it would not be single?

Ever since I joined Yang Yongxin, I gradually became interested in Dawn Killing. A game linked by pursuit and escape is very popular with me, but then another game linked by pursuit and escape came into my eyes on Friday the 13th, although both of them are pursuit and counter-pursuit. Killing has many similarities with Dawn Killing, but it brings other surprises. Compared with Dawn Killing, it not only improves the delicacy of the picture, but also raises the score and horror level to a new level. If Dawn Killing is an unequal confrontation game in which the villain can dominate the game. So Friday the 13th is a more interesting, more stimulating and relatively equal game. It’s different from Dawn Killer. It’s not just a direct fiction of game characters like Dawn Killer, it’s a telegram from Friday the 13th, a horrible masterpiece that penetrates the hearts of the people. Movie extended from the orthodox game, and his boss is the well-known Comrade Jason, don’t underestimate the impact of such adapted theme games, he not only let movie fans cheer and scream, but also let us this group of horror fans find a new direction, in the human and Jason’s confrontation, not only It’s just the dark night that makes people feel creepy, and the variety of play and horrible music, all of which make the game a more open and horrible level. Although I’ve played it, I can also see the video deeply, which is not found in other games of the same type, the bloody execution painting. Face, with the end of subversion at any time, as long as the players unite, the game has a very high playfulness, and this is the dawn killing machine can not do, so Friday the 13th is a good game, as long as you fall into it, will make you sigh endlessly, I think that is the dawn killing machine Lao Yang, can not put you inside. Pull the noodles out.