Gears 5 continues the plot of the previous work as well as the refreshing shooting feel, this work contains a variety of game modes, the plot battle is more grand than the previous one. Next, we will bring the Gears 5 full collection of campaign flow chart text strategy, to help you smooth customs clearance.

After entering the game, it will directly enter the teaching level. Before the beginning of the level, there will be preference settings such as guided pictures, followed by prompts and their own needs. The bloody effect of the last settings can be turned on or off according to their own affordability. After all, the scale of the picture of Gears 5 is large.

After entering the boot camp, we will learn the most basic operation here. Players who have not been exposed to the series can familiarize themselves with the operation mode of Gears game. If they are old players, they can familiarize themselves with the new content of the series. After each mode training is completed, they can engage in battles, battles, protracted battles and evacuation modes. After the training, we enter the main menu. Here we introduce the game mode and the interface of this work.

Gaming Mode

  • Campaign Mode – Experience the content after “Gears 4”. If you haven’t played previous works and didn’t care about them, choose “Others” in the main menu interface to learn about the previous works by watching the current situation of the GEARS world (review of the plots of the 1st and 3rd generation works) and “review of the past history of GEARS (review of the plots of the 4th generation works)”, so as to enable new players to understand the previous works. Good contact with the plot, can also let the old players recall the story before.
  • Battle mode – Together with other players, engage in online combat in the intense “Gears game” battle mode. Pass-through challenge mode has brought a new way of game, in which each character has a unique initial equipment and upgrade project. And the war of endurance enlargement raises the game competitiveness of gears to a new level. The new ranking system will continue to provide incentives every week. In addition, there are more maps, game modes and rewards waiting for you! The combat mode is divided into five categories: Pass-through Challenge Competition, Expansion of War, Quick Play Mode, Ranking Mode and Hall Custom Game. It is recommended that novices take the Quick Play Mode first, while the players who have mastered the game skillfully play in Ranking Mode.
  • Evacuation mode – In evacuation mode, a new three-player cooperative survival mode, you will challenge the fleeing of the deadly Honeycomb. Each honeycomb destroyer is equipped with unique capabilities and equipment. Destroy the honeycomb from inside, evacuate quickly and escape to the sky. Evacuation mode is a three-person team, if you can call two friends together is the best, if you do not have a person on the network to match is also possible. Officials regularly release new hives. Each hive has different evacuation difficulty. There are also rankings to prove the level of players. The rankings are sorted according to difficulty and completion time, and the front players can get special rewards.
  • Protracted war Mode – In this five-player cooperative game, you need to fight for survival in front of the tide-like enemy. This time, you will play a heroic role, each of which has unique skills. Choose the characters that suit your game style and put them into the game. Explore maps, seize assembly machines, build defensive fortifications and make full use of each capability. You must work together, support each other, and kill everything that moves. How long can you survive? The prolonged battle has added new enemies. We need to constantly upgrade our role and buy defensive fortifications to win the battle (victory requires defending 50-wave enemies). Similarly, this model also has a ranking list. The higher the ranking is, the richer the reward is.
  • Map Maker Mode – Make your own beehive and share it with friends and communities. Map Maker allows all players to create their own experience in a quick and simple way. How thrilling would it be to fight five wardens at a time? Now try it. Make the honeycomb look like you like and publish it to the cloud for the whole community to play with your honeycomb. Search through the community map browser to find the best and most popular hive. Specific production methods can be seen in the game instructions, not introduced here, predicted that this mode will be the main mode of the game can continue to heat up in the future.