Here you will learn how to play Fortnite game as a pro in 1 minute.

1. Observing bus routes

After the match is successful, there will be a period of free time waiting for the bus to take off. At this time, press Tab to open the map and you can see the Airbus route. Note: The bus route is different at the beginning of each game.

2. Choose the right landing point

No matter how the flight route of the Airbus changes, after Parachuting in the fortress, it can fly to all areas of the map. So it is very important to choose a suitable landing point according to the bus route and the fighting style. When a novice chooses a landing point, he can avoid the popular urban areas near the route and between the map, such as the Leaning Tower town, Happy Park and retail mall, and turn to the more remote areas on the edge of the map, such as lonely cabins, seascape villas and ghost hills. In this way, we can avoid confronting strong enemies in the early stage and leaving the battlefield too early.

Housing area: The areas with names on the map are more dense and can quickly collect enough materials. Of course, there will be more enemies!

Wild areas: Unnamed buildings on maps are usually scarce, but safer. Apple (blood) and mushroom (shield) can also be found in woods and depressions. If you see that the enemy has landed first, you may turn to the wild areas to search.

Start-off point: Many players like to take-off at the first time to get enough time to search for supplies, so there will be a large number of players landing near the start-off point, novice can choose to take-off later to avoid these areas.

Route: Route near the housing and wilderness are also favorite landing sites for steel gun enthusiasts, novice players should try to avoid these locations.

3. Mark the landing point

Mouse click on the map, you can mark the location, before the bus takes off, you can communicate the landing position with teammates by marking, the mouse roller can pull the map, more flexible marking to each building! Keep in mind that landing in the same place with your teammates in multiplayer mode can greatly increase your chances of survival! The punctuation on the map will appear as a light column after the game starts, so that it will not fly in the wrong direction.