” Hunt: Showdown ” is a first-person shooting game produced and released by Crytek. The game settings are very similar to “L4D”, where four different characters challenge a wave of zombies.
The game enhances the playability of the game through the innovative automatic generation system and the randomly generated environment. In addition, this book also adds the environmental exploration of “Dawn Kill” style and the PvP mode of 2v2. Interested players may wish to have a try.


Let’s start with the conclusion: a very distinctive fps, I like this game very much, but I won’t play it until it’s optimized and servers are added. A There are two places where the game catches my eye. One is old-fashioned guns and magic. Combination, the second is the immersion of the screen. In the game, you have to go to the pub to recruit hunters, recruited hunters can be used in hunting. When you complete a game, the hunter you control will gain experience to upgrade, and your account will get money. The money you get can be used to buy equipment, arm your hunters with different equipment, and make the hunting path safer. But be careful: once the hunter dies, he and his equipment will disappear forever. In the test, you can choose the lone wolf or two-person team mode. At the beginning of the game, your team will randomly drop into an area of the map, and there may be competitors elsewhere on the map. The map is full of monsters: mutant corpses, hounds, and your prey. Each team will look for “clues” on the map. After three clues are obtained, the location of the prey will be marked on the map. Killing prey will drop ashes, and when the prey is killed, evacuation points will appear on the map, and teams evacuating with ashes will receive a lot of rewards. This makes the location of the prey highly rewarding and risky. Maybe you kill the prey and get the ashes, but you are immediately hunted by the team that heard the noise. The effect of the game is very good. When you walk across the grass, the grass will crush and rustle. As you approach the village, you will hear the humming of the dead and the barking of the hounds, and when they find you, they will bark wildly, making the whole village very noisy. Maybe it’s because of the inability to adjust the quality of the picture, 9704g’s performance in the game is only unstable 30 frames, and sometimes too complex sound can make the game very noisy and confused: in the map of the night, it’s almost dark, and your ears and eyes are full of all kinds of voices, open your eyes, but what? No, it always makes me very nervous. Since it’s only a test, the server can be more tolerant… High latency seems inevitable, and I often die wondering. Hope to update the perspective of death and so on in the future. All in all, it’s a good game: you and your teammates are holding old-fashioned guns or hunting knives or flasks or all kinds of old things, looking for prey on a huge map, and being careful about the attacks of mutants and other teams. You can kill the prey and disappear without losing sight. Evacuation, you can also do a bold job, killing all the people in front of you, you can also be a roadblock, ambush the courier who thinks he’s lucky, just be careful Mantis Catch cicadas, yellow sparrow behind.