The first announcement of Need for speed heat has been officially made public, and developers from Ghost Games posted on the Reddit forum, bringing us more game details, but also promising that the game will not include an open-box system, while the game will also have a new control system.

According to the introduction, the background of the game is set in Palm City, which will alternate day and night. Players will have more freedom in the evening, so they will have higher risks, so they can get more rewards. It’s entirely your freedom to choose when to start. After sunset, you can drive straight to the garage and spend the night quietly.

During the day, players can play in Speedhunters Showdown to earn money, and when the sun goes down, the heat gradually increases.

The police in Palm City have different levels of aggression when they patrol, which also changes according to time. During the day, the police appear more casually. Although they are still threatening, as long as you do not commit any crime in autumn, everyone can be at peace.

In the evening, the pursuit of the police will become more violent. An action team led by officer Mercer can chase you without any reason, and you will gradually deal with Mercer’s team in the course of the game.

All the customized items in Heat can be unlocked during the game and during the game activities. For example, if you win Street games on the map, you can get performance accessories. You don’t need to open the box to get bonus cards as in Revenge.