Death Knight Classic Playing guide in Fire Emblem: ThreeHouses [Part 2]

This part may be a little too long. Hope you read the entire post!

The first step is to put the other teammates in the shadow area of the picture and let the three T trigger the strategy to improve the hit rate and damage. At the same time, those who have a long-range strategy can begin to throw out. But when the Death Knight begins to move, we will find that other teammates are in danger. Don’t be afraid. We’ll get him stuck right away. Then put the three T’s in the 1, 2 and 3 compartments beside the Death Knight, equipped with light weapons to ensure that the attack speed is greater than 11 (don’t forget), and then throw the strategy to the Death Knight. Because the plan will not be countered, our three T’s are standing beside him with blood. Looking at the dangerous area, it is found that the Death Knight can only attack your three T’s, and the range of movement can only go up, which is successful stuck.

The following is very simple. When the enemy turns, the Death Knight will attack your weakest defense T, then trigger “Move Again” and then run up. At that moment, the avoidance floor under his feet was empty. If he’s not critical, and you’re not dead, take the next step. Otherwise, go back to the beginning of the previous round with pulsation and jump over it immediately (pulsation does not change the critical strikes and Miss that have been determined in this round).

The next step is to fill your attacked T with milk, then look at the line of attack, and put the lowest defensive T in front of the Death Knight. At this point, the three T stands in a straight line, with the same wall on both sides can block the Death Knight, if your other characters do not wander around, he can attack your target in this round is limited to three T. So when he’s done, take him away in the next round, because there’s no floor under his feet. Kmar’s skills basically match the support of his good teammates, and the hit rate can reach a good value. Even if you don’t take it away, because three T’s stuck in his position, he can’t attack the teammates behind you. We can easily get the Death Knight to get the first Dark Master card.

Then it was the second time I met Death Knight. This time he was still standing on a special floor, although it is not harmful to say whether there is a floor or not at this stage, but how to successfully kill him also needs a little effort.

First of all, the goal is to destroy all the enemy soldiers or defeat the death knight. Some players chop down all the way, they chop off all the small soldiers, even if they keep the enemy, they will also come to fight you on their own initiative. So in order to avoid this, the production team intentionally placed an immobile “magic warrior” in the small room in the upper left corner of the map, ignoring him in the process of pushing your team forward to defeat the Death Knight.

The key point of this stage is how to lift the floor beneath his feet, which requires the use of the conveyor door maze on the right side. Let’s look at the map above. The labyrinth first requires a person to go in and open the switch A in the middle of the hall. Then all the portals in the right hall started. At this point, we need a person to go to the top of the map and turn on a switch B. This switch can relieve the special effect of the floor beneath Death Knight’s feet.

So how does this maze go? Look at the arrow on the map. The three portals above, the switch B on the left, the treasure box above the map in the middle and the treasure box below the map on the right. As long as we know this, we can open the treasure box and pull down the switch as quickly as possible in 25 rounds, and then easily defeat the Death Knight.

As for the Death Knight, it’s very good to deal with it. It only needs three people to stand on his left, right, right or left top, right top and right top to block him. The rest of the time will be left for players to use strategy first, and the last high-injury skill will be taken away.

The third death knight is a bit troublesome. We have to protect the villagers, open two treasure boxes, and deal with the death knight who invaded from the lower left of the map. But if the team configuration is better, we can achieve the task of surviving and killing the death knight. The key is that those violent villagers in the central forest do not kill, leaving small soldiers to repair knives, put one or two small nurses behind, to delay time, to ensure that small soldiers and your father do not rush to the center of the map in front of the heavy armour soldiers to die.

What we need in this battle is a T, a knight regiment with a firearm, and a knight regiment with a firearm, if it has a plan before (rush, fire, rubble and jungle all over the ground, and infantry is very uncomfortable) and a guard (let our HP greater than 2 people be killed only once, HP 1 point left) can also be brought with it. There are other remote strategies that you can take with you. In addition, my Linhart will be able to transmit at this time, other lines should also be learned to transmit, all used.

At this stage, we should have at least one or two flying units or cycling units. Let these people go to the left and right sides of the map to attract enemy hatred and kill the enemy attacking the villagers by the way. In fact, there is no one who can send you to the back of the house on the right side, so that you can rush down quickly to save the villagers. Knights move less when they pass through the jungle or fire. It doesn’t matter. We get off the horse and move again. Sometimes we go farther than riding through the fire. The rest of our troops began to move to the lower left of the map. Thomas in the middle doesn’t care. The enemy doesn’t attack him anyway.

When the game reaches a certain stage, Death Knight appears from the lower left of the map. At this time, we can see a terrain like this: as shown in the figure, there is a one-grid intersection at the left boundary of the map, and the treasure box under the map is on the right. Let’s have T stand in this position and wait for the Death Knight to rush over and hit him, then stand behind any friendly army. If the Death Knight crosses this intersection, we will have to resign ourselves to fate, either in a round of seconds, or seconds, but the seriously injured are repaired by his followers, or die.

After the end of the enemy round, our T threw a firearm at him (to make the floor burn up, to burn blood once in his turn). The units behind him threw a firearm at random to consume blood, kill the enemy units around them, or drop him in a second in a round. Of course I’m the most conservative player. Then he’ll be scalded on the floor, A your meat shield, and then use it to move back down the map again. At this time, we can rush together to solve him, basically even if not concave, experience reasonable allocation, at this time, there are very few characters that can be dropped by him in a second (except crit). You can settle him, take the Dark Master’s proof, and then happily resolve the remaining enemies in the middle of the map.

Death Knight Classic Playing guide in Fire Emblem: ThreeHouses [Part 1]

The death knight in Fire Emblem: ThreeHouses is a challenge in the early stage, because in the classical mode, the character can not be revived after death, so every battle needs to be careful. See the following Classic playing guide, hoping to be useful to you.

First of all, this is the one-week eye-to-eye attack of the black eagle, which is not concave, does not need the “iron wall” strategy, does not kill people, does not gamble on crits and hits, and minimizes the fault tolerance rate. But I don’t need to use my own features, so it works for any line. Then this article is about the first three encounters with death knights, because at this time the characters of players in the difficult classics are generally a turn and two turns, even when I killed him for the first time, the whole team did not exceed 9 levels, there was no second turn.

Many friends must have taken the Dragon Shield carefully in the early stages of the game when they were playing with fire lines or echoes. The death knight in this fire pattern is much more difficult to fight than Dozhe, mainly because it can walk back and forth, ignore the distance, attack speed is quick and easy to double hit, and also has a critical strike rate of about 20-25. All of these challenges to the players in the early stage of the game. But the game itself gives us a new element, the “Knights” element. This element becomes our weapon against death knights. Using the Knight Regiment well, the three encounters with Death Knights in Game Academy are basically free experience and secret mage certificates.

Let’s start with the first encounter with Death Knight. When I first met him, the whole map was very large. The enemy could be divided into left and right sides, and each side could be divided into two parts. The Death Knight in the middle of the map will not move until you attack him.

But the difficulty lies in the death knight stepping on a 40-evasive floor. In this case, most of our attacks will be Miss. I want to bet that the tactics and weapons of riding a horse with Kerr will also be easy for Miss to be counter-killed. In addition, the Death Knight has special skills. It is not possible to push or draw him out of the floor with these skills. So how to lead him out of the floor, while ensuring that our T is immortal, is an important solution.

The first is pre-war preparation. Death Knight’s attack speed is 15, so our T needs to make the attack speed greater than 11 in order not to be hit by the second battle. We can improve the attack speed by equipping light weapons, such as training weapons. In this pass, we are going to use a small loophole in the terrain card + system (Death Knight will run a few steps in the moving phase after the attack). There are three T needed.

In addition, we need at least two milk guarantees that T will not die (I was Dorothy and Linhart, and I dug up Mercedes to help with the project). The Knights, all three T’s have a close-range attack strategy. Others can take it with them, such as group fire magic or shooting together.

Then when we are ready for three T’s whose attack speed is greater than 11, we enter the game. Firstly, fight normally and don’t provoke him. Clean up the enemy in the second half of the game and the three magicians who reinforce it. Magician, I forgot which turn came out. Anyway, before the 10th round, they were all killed by us. Otherwise, the remnant blood unit would be killed by the mage’s mending knife. Here is the most important step. Let’s look at the simplified version of the map. Death Knight stands on an evasive floor, but there are two walls in front of him. These two walls are the tools of our catastrophic position.

Fire Emblem: ThreeHouses Switch Reviews

Fire Emblem: ThreeHouses is a new series of “Flame Emblem” published by Nintendo. This is a turn-based tactical RPG. Players will take risks with three protagonists, Edelgard, Dimitri and Claude.


Sneak a day in advance, arrive this morning, and then play until 2 a.m. at noon. The game is really gameplay, super many lines, many characters, but each character is well portrayed. At first, I thought 200 hours was a little exaggerated, but in fact, after hand, I found that it is true. All three countries have completed their estimates. Almost, and in every game schedule there will be similar to P5 to see how other players spend their day, fighting, teaching or picking up girls or men. In fact, the flag type game will produce a little tired after playing for a long time, but the fire pattern is not, because BGM has made a great contribution, and finally has to admire the glorious level of modeling…
However, the game is not very good in handheld mode, and the picture is blurred when fighting. If you don’t care about the pictures, the fire pattern is really a good choice.

From the fiery sword into the pit, later filled the seal sword, Jihad genealogy and 776, and then to the goddess of Cangyan and Xiaozhi. The reconstructed pie of DS era, the awakening, IF, echo of 3D S era, and the present snowflakes and snows. The difficulty is getting lower and lower (e.g. the easy mode added later and the weapon not wasting), but these are inevitable, because fewer and fewer players like the core of the flag class. Now people prefer the fast-paced one. The flag stays the same for thirty or forty minutes or even an hour. A mistake leads to their own key. Who can stand the death of a character? Now we need to expand the user base to make it easier for new players to accept and start.

New entrants first play easy + simple, classic + difficult to experience the real fire lines.

About the college nurturing system in the first half of the snowy month, before going on the shelf, I had the objection. Let’s play a good flag, what’s the fussy thing about it? However, when goose cards are brought to hand, ZhenTM fragrance (q… Q) can freely let your students practice the professions you want to practice by digging beautiful girls into their own grades, blooming roles and skills, as well as being good at and not good at them. At this stage, it is more familiar with the various systems in the game that have expanded their lineup (digging corners). It’s interesting when you fully understand the gameplay.

Each student and the teacher in the college have different personalities (lust 2333). I’ll write to you and invite people who want to increase their liking to tea parties, gifts, fishing, flower planting, and welfare fights (wait, I’m playing like a flag??). Completely addicted to nurturing can not extricate themselves 2333. As the story progresses, each grade has its own dark side and conspiracy, which deeply depicts the distinct characteristics of the role.

Generally speaking, this is a friendly game for beginners, and old players will pay for it voluntarily. Between the fact that some players don’t like flag games, I want to say that you can’t like them, but please don’t hurt them.

Friday the 13th: The Game Switch Reviews

Friday the 13th: The Game is an action game adapted from a classic horror movie of the same name. This work uses the illusory 4 engine, striving to create high-quality multiplayer online games. In the game, one user will play Jason and the other seven will play Youth, a bit like Evolution’s user-versus-beast model.


When a game with great potential matches with a foreigner chatting, it makes a comparison with the Dawn Killer. It’s essentially a better game than Dawn Kill. (For humans, Jason hasn’t played yet) This game is a lot of money and fun for humans (a friend and sister drive in the dark every time and get caught by Jason, everyone is hahahaha haha haha). There are more choices. You can call the police and drive (I only play these two kinds of pull-out methods at present). 。 You can fight Jason head-on in times of crisis. This game is actually better than the Dawn Killer. It’s obvious when you play it. However, it is not recommended to enter now. At present, there are countless bugs in the game. The first one is to go to a bunch of targets to get arrows. I can’t go up from the front. I must go up the stairs from the back, and I can’t go down the same way. (The second game did not encounter this bug, but the weapon has been taken by my teammates, maybe for this reason.) The character’s expression is very stiff, especially by Jay. After Sen was frightened, the grinning man made people… Hold your belly. Contents that have shrunk sharply compared with expected commitments. And a very important point, the potato server. Server is very unstable, I personally play without problems, but there are friends or matched people in the game say a word is not right and drop the line. There is also a long matching time, about 5 minutes before a game can be queued to a game (Sichuan server). Don’t forget that the potato server is one of the important factors to kill the glory of war. Last night, the server was blown up and locked, and everyone can’t connect. Looking back at the development process of this game, players who have some knowledge of single-player games may immediately think of no one’s pit. On Friday, the 13th, although not digging that large pit, it was obvious that his pit had not been filled, let alone shrinkage. The game now looks more like an easy Access version of a good game than a full release. If he fixes bugs, perfects patterns and maps, and laughs, he can become a very interesting game. If he fixes Zhe’s stuff, 112’s price is overvalued, but he’s not going to happen now, so he calls it a game with great potential. For the moment, the game is seriously empty. I personally suggest that the old birds and new birds of the travelers continue to watch and stay away for the time being. It is certainly not worth entering now. I am one of them.

A half-finished game that slowly takes off and doesn’t know how to rush. Talking about this game, we have to say Dawn Kill. Although there are many differences between the two games, the core play method is not very different. The two games based on this play method are almost simultaneous, but in fact the online time, dawn is much earlier than Friday, plus. Dawn is very popular in China. Friday has lagged behind dawn. Although it has been launched recently, its completion is far less than dawn, and there is no Chinese. In China, with the completion of today’s Friday, I don’t think it can reach the popularity of dawn. Obviously more attention is paid to the Chinese market. Although Friday promised to join the single model, I still don’t think much of it in the future. With the attention paid to domestic players by Dawn Killer, who said it would not be single?

Ever since I joined Yang Yongxin, I gradually became interested in Dawn Killing. A game linked by pursuit and escape is very popular with me, but then another game linked by pursuit and escape came into my eyes on Friday the 13th, although both of them are pursuit and counter-pursuit. Killing has many similarities with Dawn Killing, but it brings other surprises. Compared with Dawn Killing, it not only improves the delicacy of the picture, but also raises the score and horror level to a new level. If Dawn Killing is an unequal confrontation game in which the villain can dominate the game. So Friday the 13th is a more interesting, more stimulating and relatively equal game. It’s different from Dawn Killer. It’s not just a direct fiction of game characters like Dawn Killer, it’s a telegram from Friday the 13th, a horrible masterpiece that penetrates the hearts of the people. Movie extended from the orthodox game, and his boss is the well-known Comrade Jason, don’t underestimate the impact of such adapted theme games, he not only let movie fans cheer and scream, but also let us this group of horror fans find a new direction, in the human and Jason’s confrontation, not only It’s just the dark night that makes people feel creepy, and the variety of play and horrible music, all of which make the game a more open and horrible level. Although I’ve played it, I can also see the video deeply, which is not found in other games of the same type, the bloody execution painting. Face, with the end of subversion at any time, as long as the players unite, the game has a very high playfulness, and this is the dawn killing machine can not do, so Friday the 13th is a good game, as long as you fall into it, will make you sigh endlessly, I think that is the dawn killing machine Lao Yang, can not put you inside. Pull the noodles out.

Torchlight II XBOX one reviews

The Torchlights series, known as the orthodox successor of Diablo series, is expected by many players. The changes of TorchLights 2 over a generation are similar to the improvements made by Diablo 2 on Diablo. The game adds a new race, a new profession, a new NPC, a larger map, a larger picture and a system. Significant improvements have also been made in function. TorchLights 2 will also rejoin the LAN online model now abandoned by most games. In addition, the texture of this work is handled very well, the artistic style is very unique, the visual performance of the upgraded effect makes this game more suitable for the player group.


TorchLight 2 can be said to inherit the great pineapple producer’s work. The game is basically a brush-and-brush game, similar to the big pineapple. Game is not particularly prominent in terms of profession, but each profession has three sets of skill trees, which can be said to make the role much more playable. As a brush and brush game, whether the game makes the players happy and comfortable is also a major point. The picture of the game is quite good to me. Cartoon-style game graphics are unexpectedly suitable for this game, the game is also more solid in the plot, which players need not worry about. What’s more, if you have a few friends, the fun doubles.

“Light and Darkness” two series are good, personal like more light. The first is the style of painting, which leads me to a very low sense of darkness in the plot, and the two works are actually not full. But after a week, darkness mostly chooses to play in secret, or even the team of 0 weeks rises. Compared with I will choose to play more weeks, the plot will know more or less, and the details will be found more. Many. The second is weaponry. Most of the people in Diablo are rushing to a suit at the beginning of the new season. They are familiar with the equipment, and the light is added with surprises, which makes it more like a stand-alone game than light.

The main idea of this game is to brush and brush more than one person. It can be online in LAN or cooperate with six people on Internet. Cartoon style is used in the picture, and it looks good now. The plot is general, just giving a reason to brush, skill tree, operation, occupation, which is similar to other dark style ARPG. This is the first game I played to build friendship with my wife before I talked about friends. It’s a lot of fun for two people to explore the mainland and customs together. + Rich equipment library, brush and brush + multi-person cooperation is endless fun – the plot is general – a person’s fun has dropped dramatically.

Previous work itself is a spiritual sequel of Big Pineapple 2. This work also inherits the play of previous generations and improves the picture. The plot inherits the former work. It is a qualified ARPG work. It can make the human body enjoy brushing and brushing. It is also very interesting to play with friends online. The disadvantage is that repetitive blame upgrade brush equipment is easily boring. Players who like ARPG are recommended to try.

Black Desert PS4 reviews

Black Desert is a MMORPG game produced by PERAL ABYSS and distributed by DAUM. The game tells us that in this huge illusory world, several countries have waged a long-lasting war for a resource called “Blackstone”, which is a product of ancient civilization that can provide strange power. Players are the restless adventurers of the alien world.

The greatest feature of this work is the use of open seamless maps. Players can experience many interesting contents such as trade, houses, city battles, adventures and so on in the endless game. Players can experience realistic large-scale battles against a broad stage background.


Although I am not an online games party, but occasionally encounter such fine online games will not help but try. “Black Desert” inherits the excellent picture effect of Korean online games. The effect of self-made engine is no less than that of several well-known game development engines. Details are well depicted and the pinching system is still high-end. In terms of game system, this book tends to sandbox playing, which provides us with a game environment similar to “Ancient Century”, in which players can choose from a variety of directions. You can either go out and get more powerful equipment, or you can live a leisure life decorated with houses and fishing every day.

In addition, the initial stage of the game is not just a simple task killer and then change places to continue such a boring upgrade, the task is more of a daily content. Generally speaking, it not only inherits the essence of other previous online games, but also makes some breakthroughs on this basis, making the game more rich and interesting.

Based on the kimchi game in Korea, the Black Desert has done a good job. It first fundamentally changed its game mechanism, highlighting a little sandbox, not only that, it also worked hard on many life systems of the game, and to a certain extent, the pursuit of authenticity, not always give the player experience to compromise. For example, the warehouse system, the game has many strongholds, there may be hundreds, a small number of strongholds have warehouses. But these warehouses are not universal. If a player wants to take an item out of the warehouse, he must ride his own horse to the stronghold to get the item out. Or use a conveyor system to transfer items from the warehouse to another warehouse. And this delivery is not done immediately. Each stronghold has a conveying NPC. When he moves between the strongholds on a carriage, you can open a map to see the signs of moving objects. There are a lot of realistic settings like this in the game.

If we want to enumerate these characteristics throughout the article, I’m afraid it’s not enough to write 10,000 words. The above is just a simple example, I hope readers can have a basic experience.

Game battles are also well done, with gorgeous action, gorgeous special effects, monster blood rush, and accompanied by brilliant screen effects. The experience is excellent, but because it’s very difficult to upgrade in the later stages of the game, it takes a lot of time to gain experience and brush the odds over and over again. Over the past few decades, this magnificent battle has gradually become commonplace and tedious.

Disadvantages. Although there are many systems in the game, they are generally difficult to use, but lack depth. And the core value system of the game is very simple, that is money. All the purposes of monsters, trade and living systems are for money. Money is the bridge of everything. Money can get better equipment, and then better brush. Money can buy better cooking and alchemy as well as living materials to upgrade life skills.

But this is in a vicious circle. Better equipment means faster access to money, and higher life skills are the same.

This directly led to the later period of boredom, the lack of a deeper game system.

Hunt: Showdown

” Hunt: Showdown ” is a first-person shooting game produced and released by Crytek. The game settings are very similar to “L4D”, where four different characters challenge a wave of zombies.
The game enhances the playability of the game through the innovative automatic generation system and the randomly generated environment. In addition, this book also adds the environmental exploration of “Dawn Kill” style and the PvP mode of 2v2. Interested players may wish to have a try.


Let’s start with the conclusion: a very distinctive fps, I like this game very much, but I won’t play it until it’s optimized and servers are added. A There are two places where the game catches my eye. One is old-fashioned guns and magic. Combination, the second is the immersion of the screen. In the game, you have to go to the pub to recruit hunters, recruited hunters can be used in hunting. When you complete a game, the hunter you control will gain experience to upgrade, and your account will get money. The money you get can be used to buy equipment, arm your hunters with different equipment, and make the hunting path safer. But be careful: once the hunter dies, he and his equipment will disappear forever. In the test, you can choose the lone wolf or two-person team mode. At the beginning of the game, your team will randomly drop into an area of the map, and there may be competitors elsewhere on the map. The map is full of monsters: mutant corpses, hounds, and your prey. Each team will look for “clues” on the map. After three clues are obtained, the location of the prey will be marked on the map. Killing prey will drop ashes, and when the prey is killed, evacuation points will appear on the map, and teams evacuating with ashes will receive a lot of rewards. This makes the location of the prey highly rewarding and risky. Maybe you kill the prey and get the ashes, but you are immediately hunted by the team that heard the noise. The effect of the game is very good. When you walk across the grass, the grass will crush and rustle. As you approach the village, you will hear the humming of the dead and the barking of the hounds, and when they find you, they will bark wildly, making the whole village very noisy. Maybe it’s because of the inability to adjust the quality of the picture, 9704g’s performance in the game is only unstable 30 frames, and sometimes too complex sound can make the game very noisy and confused: in the map of the night, it’s almost dark, and your ears and eyes are full of all kinds of voices, open your eyes, but what? No, it always makes me very nervous. Since it’s only a test, the server can be more tolerant… High latency seems inevitable, and I often die wondering. Hope to update the perspective of death and so on in the future. All in all, it’s a good game: you and your teammates are holding old-fashioned guns or hunting knives or flasks or all kinds of old things, looking for prey on a huge map, and being careful about the attacks of mutants and other teams. You can kill the prey and disappear without losing sight. Evacuation, you can also do a bold job, killing all the people in front of you, you can also be a roadblock, ambush the courier who thinks he’s lucky, just be careful Mantis Catch cicadas, yellow sparrow behind.

Wolfenstein: Young Blood – PC Reviews

Wolfenstein: Young Blood is developed by Machine Games and released by Bethesda, the first person shooting game is one of the sequels to the German Headquarters series.

Background of the story:

The story begins in Paris in the 1980s, 19 years after The New Giant of German Headquarters 2. Players will play Jess and Sophie, twin daughters of legendary hero B.J. Blazkowicz, in search of the missing father in Nazi-occupied Paris.

Game features:

German Headquarters: New Blood will support a two-player partnership, with Jess and Spoph controlled by two players, respectively.

This work pays more attention to the narrative rhythm, and the overall openness is higher. Although the content and tone are relatively lightweight, the level design and non-linear narrative techniques can enable players to experience more activities and events, so the actual play time may be longer than previous works.


Two days of playing for 20 hours, character level 50, gun accessories all improved, character skills not full point is still three or four skills do not want to do, first talk about the feeling offline, hand feeling is still very good German headquarters feel, the only complaint is that the instructions of the game is not obvious, very easy to get lost, teammate AI is still okay. So, at least you won’t want to scold her. As for online mode, I have three or four people after finishing the whole task of the main line and branch line (I have to say that because their ranks are lower than mine, so when I hit their enemies, I found that my injury is really high). They are all bare and stress-free. Generally speaking, I think this book is a good one. Not bad, except for the most unacceptable enemy’s soft shield and hard shield, as well as the incredible bloodstrip of boss meat, but overall the game can afford the price.

Maintained a customary shooting feel, guns or a few dozen years ago, there is no new equipment, game scene design is excellent, new electronic door lock, need to search for information through terminals similar to radiation 4, mild RPG enemy has blood stripes. It may be that playing BJ single brush is a bit unused to sisters’flower battle, and the real teammates of computer teammates are easily disjointed, sisters’ flower has inspiration skills, and new stealth skills are added. I’m used to the old man’s frontal wave, so I hardly use invisibility. It’s okay to unlock a lot of bugs just now, but we expect to catch up later.
But I still like this work. I haven’t played Rage 2 Radiation 76 for long before. Being wanted to play four stars, five stars is purely for feelings, a radiation, an ancient scroll, a German headquarters, are feelings.

BEYOND:Two Souls PC Released

” BEYOND:Two Souls” is a PS3 exclusive psychological action thriller game, with film plot experience as its main feature. It was developed by Quantic Dream, the production team of the award-winning game “Rainstorm”, and performed by Hollywood superstars Ellen Page (Alan Page) and Willem Dafoe (William Dafoe). Players experience 15 years of Jodie Holmes, a young woman with superpowers because of her connection to an invisible creature. The action of this big movie, coupled with deep emotional expression, brings players a real personal journey, which can’t be predicted. Every player’s decision in the game will affect the outcome.


Strictly speaking, BEYOND:Two Souls, like Rainstorm, is not a game, but an interactive movie. For movies, the most important thing is the plot. Through different options, the characters make different decisions, some of which can even affect the next direction of the movie and even the plot. “Excellent Twins” makes the role’s emotional expression excellent through fine modeling, and the right background music and sound effects are integrated into it. But in the plot, the chaotic chapters to a certain extent affect the players’ understanding of the plot, while some chapters are actually slightly redundant. Compared with the company’s previous work Rainstorm, the plot in some sections of the bridge is slightly boring, gentle and easy to make people doze off. Besides, it is also a good work in interactive movies. This book recommends players who like non-linear narrative play.

The mediocre plot is supposed to be more exciting, but only disappointed. Nonlinear narration is a bold attempt, but it is meaningless. Part of the emotional feeling in the middle is like a forcibly inserted branch line, which has nothing to do with the main line. This is a failure, the perspective is very annoying, or the free perspective of strange life is comfortable. Playfulness only has boring QTE and tedious interaction, as well as no difficulty to infiltrate, ghost play settings is the only bright spot, in a word, the poor one in interactive movies.

Not every player likes interactive movie games, but if you like interactive movie games, you will definitely like it. The character’s expression and action are almost perfect, and the emotional aspects are well described. The game is still quite long. Breaking the time axis, not telling the whole story in chronological order, makes suspense and cause more interesting. Operational interaction of various items, occasional QTE and lockout angle of view are the characteristics of the game. Simple operation shocks the plot, excellent sensory experience, absolutely can not be missed!

Get used to Fortnite game play in 1 minute

Here you will learn how to play Fortnite game as a pro in 1 minute.

1. Observing bus routes

After the match is successful, there will be a period of free time waiting for the bus to take off. At this time, press Tab to open the map and you can see the Airbus route. Note: The bus route is different at the beginning of each game.

2. Choose the right landing point

No matter how the flight route of the Airbus changes, after Parachuting in the fortress, it can fly to all areas of the map. So it is very important to choose a suitable landing point according to the bus route and the fighting style. When a novice chooses a landing point, he can avoid the popular urban areas near the route and between the map, such as the Leaning Tower town, Happy Park and retail mall, and turn to the more remote areas on the edge of the map, such as lonely cabins, seascape villas and ghost hills. In this way, we can avoid confronting strong enemies in the early stage and leaving the battlefield too early.

Housing area: The areas with names on the map are more dense and can quickly collect enough materials. Of course, there will be more enemies!

Wild areas: Unnamed buildings on maps are usually scarce, but safer. Apple (blood) and mushroom (shield) can also be found in woods and depressions. If you see that the enemy has landed first, you may turn to the wild areas to search.

Start-off point: Many players like to take-off at the first time to get enough time to search for supplies, so there will be a large number of players landing near the start-off point, novice can choose to take-off later to avoid these areas.

Route: Route near the housing and wilderness are also favorite landing sites for steel gun enthusiasts, novice players should try to avoid these locations.

3. Mark the landing point

Mouse click on the map, you can mark the location, before the bus takes off, you can communicate the landing position with teammates by marking, the mouse roller can pull the map, more flexible marking to each building! Keep in mind that landing in the same place with your teammates in multiplayer mode can greatly increase your chances of survival! The punctuation on the map will appear as a light column after the game starts, so that it will not fly in the wrong direction.