Recently, Pokemon Sword/Shield, which will be released on November 15, 2019, participated in the E3 2019 Game Exhibition. In an interview with famitsu, the producers of this game, Shunyi Zenda and Omori, also talked about the issue of “dating” of Baokedream. Let’s get to know it together.

In this year’s E3 Nintendo Treehouse live broadcasting campaign, Shunyi Zengtian made it clear that “Sword Shield” will not let all Baoke Dreams come on the stage, and there is no Baoke Dream in the eighth generation’s gallery, or even can not be passed down from the previous generation, not only that, all future works of “Baoke Dream” will follow this principle.

“After moving to NS platform, players can see more beautiful images and vivid pictures of Baoke Dream in the game, but on the other hand, it also takes more time for the team to develop it,” Zengtian Shunyi said in the interview.

“At present, the total number of new Dream variants has exceeded 1000. In addition to matching the platform hardware more in the quality of the game pictures, it is also difficult to activate the new personality Dream on the platform in terms of combat, and the balance adjustment in all aspects is also a difficult task. It’s for these reasons that it’s very difficult to get all the Pork Dreams on the stage in future games.

Another producer, Senzi, also said: “This work has been very difficult in the production of Elf’s Dream: Sun/Moon. I hope you can understand when you play Sword Shield that the field area and plot of the work are very playable.”

For those who did not appear in the Galilean region, whether the dream of Baoke will be added in future updates, Shunyi Tada also responded: “Now we have not considered the issue of updating the game in the future, but we consider using’Pokemon Home’to make them appear in future works.”