Although his real name is unknown, he is known as a werewolf and wanted for a series of horrible murders because of his isolation from human society and brutal seclusion. This is a warning to those who want to hunt down the savage tramp: he is believed to have retreated to the snowy hills near Lake Isabella, where large carnivores such as bears and wolves are everywhere. Carnivorous bait is strongly recommended.

After completing the legendary reward task for a period of time, it will re-appear on the reward bulletin board with higher difficulty. The number of stars on the poster represents the difficulty level. When confronting werewolves with four or five star difficulty, they must be captured alive to receive a reward.

A bounty hunter with a bounty hunter’s certificate will be rewarded with the exclusive red fur-lined Strenhorn boots for completing the werewolf legend reward task at any difficulty. You can receive the boots in the wardrobe within 48 hours of completing the task.

This week, collectors have a valuable new list of weekly collections, including the St. Dennis collection series, including cognac brandy, bijouri diamond rings and Boschina ruby earrings. As of September 30, all items were found and handed over to Mrs. Nazar or mailed through the post office. If you want to hone your shooting skills, please join this week’s Elimination Series (Free Aiming), which is designed to challenge and reward the most experienced shooters in the West. Please pay attention to the “online” menu every week to check out the latest free-targeting series of competitive competitions.

Wheeler Lawson’s catalogue expanded its product range this week, introducing a large number of different new clothes. Players looking for new hats can watch out for soft felt hats, Hurley hats, Ledbert hats and Bartley hats. The new Ferntes blouses and Kilimanjackets offer unparalleled luxury and fashion, while Holman trousers are all very practical and durable.

Chaftin and Olmer shirts are perfect new clothes for all men’s wardrobes, while border ladies may be interested in fashionable Halta and Winfred blouses and brand new leather Hadley skirts. A new pair of sturdy Lutford boots can survive even the toughest journey. The fur-lined and laced Strayhorn boots are perfect shoes for climbing snow-covered peaks and valleys in five states. If you wear an Ingrid scarf or a new design of a classic neckband mask, you’ll catch the eye of others.