Thanks to Sony’s invitation, we had the privilege to interview the producer of “SD Gundam G Generation” at the Hong Kong Animation and Video Game Exhibition. In the course of this interview, Mr. Tomb introduced the issues of ability acquisition and difficulty balance in the game. The author collated the interview content and let’s work together. Let’s get to know.

In this interview, some reporters mentioned that the previous series SD Up to the G Century lacked balance in the late game, and lacked challenge in the late game. The producer responded that the game team prepared a difficult level for the players and would not be bored at the end of the game. In addition, this game contains four series of works of Golden Tall. According to different works, fighting will have different characteristics and challenges.

In the previous announcement, the official introduced the special enemy organism “ability holder” added in “SD Gundam G Generation: Cross Rays”, players can seize their abilities when they defeat these special enemies. According to the producer, these “ability holders” will have different operational difficulties and their abilities will be different; in addition, there will be hidden enemies in some checkpoints, they will have random abilities, in order to obtain all the abilities, the players will have to work hard.

There are media sighs on the scene, the ability to collect players with obsessive-compulsive disorder will be very hard, the producer also laughed after hearing that he himself is also “obsessive-compulsive disorder”, so the pain and joy of this is also quite understood.