The Torchlights series, known as the orthodox successor of Diablo series, is expected by many players. The changes of TorchLights 2 over a generation are similar to the improvements made by Diablo 2 on Diablo. The game adds a new race, a new profession, a new NPC, a larger map, a larger picture and a system. Significant improvements have also been made in function. TorchLights 2 will also rejoin the LAN online model now abandoned by most games. In addition, the texture of this work is handled very well, the artistic style is very unique, the visual performance of the upgraded effect makes this game more suitable for the player group.


TorchLight 2 can be said to inherit the great pineapple producer’s work. The game is basically a brush-and-brush game, similar to the big pineapple. Game is not particularly prominent in terms of profession, but each profession has three sets of skill trees, which can be said to make the role much more playable. As a brush and brush game, whether the game makes the players happy and comfortable is also a major point. The picture of the game is quite good to me. Cartoon-style game graphics are unexpectedly suitable for this game, the game is also more solid in the plot, which players need not worry about. What’s more, if you have a few friends, the fun doubles.

“Light and Darkness” two series are good, personal like more light. The first is the style of painting, which leads me to a very low sense of darkness in the plot, and the two works are actually not full. But after a week, darkness mostly chooses to play in secret, or even the team of 0 weeks rises. Compared with I will choose to play more weeks, the plot will know more or less, and the details will be found more. Many. The second is weaponry. Most of the people in Diablo are rushing to a suit at the beginning of the new season. They are familiar with the equipment, and the light is added with surprises, which makes it more like a stand-alone game than light.

The main idea of this game is to brush and brush more than one person. It can be online in LAN or cooperate with six people on Internet. Cartoon style is used in the picture, and it looks good now. The plot is general, just giving a reason to brush, skill tree, operation, occupation, which is similar to other dark style ARPG. This is the first game I played to build friendship with my wife before I talked about friends. It’s a lot of fun for two people to explore the mainland and customs together. + Rich equipment library, brush and brush + multi-person cooperation is endless fun – the plot is general – a person’s fun has dropped dramatically.

Previous work itself is a spiritual sequel of Big Pineapple 2. This work also inherits the play of previous generations and improves the picture. The plot inherits the former work. It is a qualified ARPG work. It can make the human body enjoy brushing and brushing. It is also very interesting to play with friends online. The disadvantage is that repetitive blame upgrade brush equipment is easily boring. Players who like ARPG are recommended to try.