Wolfenstein: Young Blood is developed by Machine Games and released by Bethesda, the first person shooting game is one of the sequels to the German Headquarters series.

Background of the story:

The story begins in Paris in the 1980s, 19 years after The New Giant of German Headquarters 2. Players will play Jess and Sophie, twin daughters of legendary hero B.J. Blazkowicz, in search of the missing father in Nazi-occupied Paris.

Game features:

German Headquarters: New Blood will support a two-player partnership, with Jess and Spoph controlled by two players, respectively.

This work pays more attention to the narrative rhythm, and the overall openness is higher. Although the content and tone are relatively lightweight, the level design and non-linear narrative techniques can enable players to experience more activities and events, so the actual play time may be longer than previous works.


Two days of playing for 20 hours, character level 50, gun accessories all improved, character skills not full point is still three or four skills do not want to do, first talk about the feeling offline, hand feeling is still very good German headquarters feel, the only complaint is that the instructions of the game is not obvious, very easy to get lost, teammate AI is still okay. So, at least you won’t want to scold her. As for online mode, I have three or four people after finishing the whole task of the main line and branch line (I have to say that because their ranks are lower than mine, so when I hit their enemies, I found that my injury is really high). They are all bare and stress-free. Generally speaking, I think this book is a good one. Not bad, except for the most unacceptable enemy’s soft shield and hard shield, as well as the incredible bloodstrip of boss meat, but overall the game can afford the price.

Maintained a customary shooting feel, guns or a few dozen years ago, there is no new equipment, game scene design is excellent, new electronic door lock, need to search for information through terminals similar to radiation 4, mild RPG enemy has blood stripes. It may be that playing BJ single brush is a bit unused to sisters’flower battle, and the real teammates of computer teammates are easily disjointed, sisters’ flower has inspiration skills, and new stealth skills are added. I’m used to the old man’s frontal wave, so I hardly use invisibility. It’s okay to unlock a lot of bugs just now, but we expect to catch up later.
But I still like this work. I haven’t played Rage 2 Radiation 76 for long before. Being wanted to play four stars, five stars is purely for feelings, a radiation, an ancient scroll, a German headquarters, are feelings.